Villa Prefabricated; It defines the "Global Human Resources Policy" with its structure of global thinking, respect for environmental resources, society-consciousness, scientificness and quality, and keeping the people in the forefront.

Our Global Human Resources Policies;
The most important resource to bring all our affiliated companies to the future in line with our vision and mission is "HUMAN".

To establish Global Human Resources systems, which are necessary to choose the right people to invest, to create an environment that will bring their productivity to the highest level, to increase their performance by improving their competencies, to provide education by education, to draw a career path and to give direction to our future by back up.

This work we have initiated is to lead the global business world by adding the strength of all our employees from all over the world.


We have been receiving complaints about the sale of containers and similar materials with misleading information using our company’s name. You can reach our company’s authorized sales points through our web page and social media accounts. We would like to inform you that you should not regard different information, and you should be more careful against these people who want to gain benefits with misleading information.