About Villa Yapı Prefab

In 1999 three young businessman estabilished Villa Yapı with a grand vision and a goal to build quality prefabric houses, office buildings, social and community facilities, earth quake houses and light steel structures. The continous growth enabled Villa Yapı to expand their core business in to steel construction and Container production to be one of the leaders in the industry.

Our Company;

It manufactures prefabricated houses, construction site buildings, social facilities, hospitals, schools, office and living containers, steel construction structures. It has been serving its customers at home and abroad successfully for more than 13 years.

Based on customer satisfaction, the technical and administrative staff who work on behalf of the customer needs, provides fast and quality solutions.

Villa Yapı contributes to the economy and employment of the country with its 1500 m² showroom in Tuzla, Istanbul and more than 300 employees in 20.000 m² factory in Kocaeli Gebze. In the production facilities in Kocaeli Gebze;

Our machine park consists of 7 pieces of Rollfrom machine, 6 pieces of Apkant press, 3 pieces of Guillotine scissor, drill machines and multi-purpose machine.

Our company which gives great importance to AR-GE studies with the understanding that quality is a standard measure, produces with the aim of zero error in machine park which is created by following latest technologies.

Rolled galvanized sheets are brought to the factory, Rollfrom machines can be produced in desired size and profile. The requested material is stacked in pallets and made ready for shipment.

All metal parts used in our production are totally galvanized and have stainless feature.

The building is made up of static calculations taking into account the climatic conditions of the region where it will be installed. As a result of these calculations, production is done completely using galvanized profile and weldless construction technology.

All of the materials used in container manufacturing are galvanized and produced as one piece and demounted.

We are proud of continuing our existence and representing our country successfully in many countries of the world including Germany, Turkmenistan, North Africa, Iraq, Iran, Azerbaijan, England, Libya, Tajikistan, Romania, Sudan, Bulgaria, Nigeria, Saudi Arabia, Ukraine and Georgia.

Prefabricated Buildings 15000 m²
Modular Containers 500 adet
Disassembled Containers 300 adet
Light Steel Buildings 7000 m²
Ağır çelik fabrika binalarında 5000 m²

We have been receiving complaints about the sale of containers and similar materials with misleading information using our company’s name. You can reach our company’s authorized sales points through our web page and social media accounts. We would like to inform you that you should not regard different information, and you should be more careful against these people who want to gain benefits with misleading information.