Mild Steel

ight gauge steel production

Mild steel is an innovative building material used in modern construction projects. Light steel, which is used as an alternative to concrete and wood, which are among the traditional building materials, stands out with its many advantages. Both durable and flexible, this material allows structures to be built quickly and effectively.

Mild steel is obtained by special processing of steel alloys. As a result of this process, the weight of the steel material decreases while its strength increases. In this way, the bearing capacity of the structures increases and thinner and lighter structural elements can be used. Light steel structures are also more resistant to earthquakes and other natural disasters.

Another important advantage of this building material is that it offers flexible design possibilities. Mild steel can be produced in the desired size and form by bending and cutting into different shapes. This feature gives architects and designers great creative freedom. In addition, light steel structures can be easily transported and reassembled, which is a great advantage in projects where the structures must be portable or temporary.

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