Industrial Steel

industrial steel production

Industrial steel is a durable and strong building material that is widely used in the modern industrial sector. It has a wide range of uses in many sectors, from automotive to energy, from building materials to machinery manufacturing. Thanks to its high strength and flexibility, industrial steel can withstand tough working conditions and offers long-lasting performance.

The most distinctive feature of this material is that it provides high durability.

Industrial steel is designed to be resistant to abrasion, impact, high temperature and other external factors. Therefore, it is widely used in the manufacture of heavy machinery, the construction of bridges, shipbuilding and other industrial applications.

Industrial steel also shows excellent performance at high temperature. Thanks to its high temperature resistance, it is preferred in applications such as boilers, pipes and turbines used in the energy sector. In addition, industrial steel can be machined and assembled in different ways, thanks to its excellent weldability.

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